Wine description: Haložan is a blend of carefully selected varieties of white wines; Welschriesling, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, where each one contributes its indispensable piece into the mosaic of harmony of this very popular wine. Haložan is a representative of high quality, young, fresh and trendy blended wines with a touch of tradition and origin. It is a wine that never disappoints with its constant quality, and is suitable for any occasion. It goes well with all dishes, which is an asset of blended wines in gastronomic context. Its aroma is reminiscent of fresh fruit and white flowers, which prolongs the taste of this pleasantly fresh drinking wine.

Temperature: for perfect enjoyment 6-8˚C is recommended.

The chef’s advice: meat from tünka (stored in the minced lard and the wooden container), white meat, fresh cheeses.